נְחַם, נְחֵיםch. sam( Nif. נִחַם, Hithpa. הִתְנַחֵם, Nithpa. נִתְנַחֵם to be comforted, accept consolation). Targ. Y. II Gen. 35:9 נְחִימַת some ed., read: נַחֵימַת Pa.; v. גְּרַם II. Pa. נַחֵים, נַחֵם to comfort. Targ. Gen. 50:21 נָחַם ed. Berl. (v. Berl. Targ. O. II, p. 18). Targ. Is. 61:2; a. fr.Targ. Job 2:11 לנַחֲמוּתֵיה to comfort him.Part. מְנַחֵם, pl. מְנַחֲמִין, v. preced. Targ. 2 Sam. 10:3.Keth.8b אתא לנַחוּמֵי צעוריוכ׳ he came to console, and he grieved him? Y.Shek.V, 48d bot., a. e. בעי מְנַחַמְתֵּיה desired to comfort him. Snh.19a כי מְנַחֲמֵי אחריניוכ׳ when others comfort him; a. fr. Ithpa. אִתְנַחֵם as preced. Nif. Targ. Job 42:6; a. fr.Y. l. c. ולא קביל עלוי מִתְנַחֲמָה and would not allow himself to be comforted; a. e.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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